Amor is a yearling 3/4 Paso Fino, 1/4 Andalusian colt, foaled June 2, 2020.  He's a dunskin, approx 14 hh right now and will be very solid. His dam is a purebred buckskin Paso Fino  and his sire is a grulla 1/2 Paso Fino/ 1/2 Andalusian. Both dam and sire are fantastic riding horses. 

Amor has the Paso Fino gait, he will be as smooth as his dam under saddle, and can canter and trot as well, but usually he gaits. Nice disposition, playful and can be a bit pushy, like a teenage boy. Amor needs someone who can work with him to bring the best out. I bought Amor's dam, having been told she wasn't pregnant, so I didn't plan on having a foal.

I have no interest in training a youngster. While he nice to have around, he needs someone who will invest the time training him. He lifts his feet nicely, but we haven't gotten as far as trimming yet. He needs to be trimmed. He's used to just me handling him. He gets in the trailer by himself, but only for his feed. I don't know how long it would take to load him in a trailer other than ours. We are willing to deliver if not too far away. Amor has never been tied, he leads...sometimes. He never pulls away, he just refuses to move and plays with the halter in his mouth. He's a turkey. I'm too old to deal with this. He's a blank slate pretty much, for someone to let him reach his potential.

His dam is awesome, a very smooth mover, has a sweet disposition and is very sensible. I don't have the fences here for a stallion and I don't need any accidents. 

Amor deserves a good home where he can be treated well, and trained to the best of his ability. He'll make an awesome riding horse! 

He also comes with a felt replica of himself as a foal!

I am asking $3500.00, or if you have the perfect home for him, we can talk. 

E-mail me @

Taken August 29, 2021

From 2021 to 2020

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